About Us

Everything you need to know about Vocal Enigma

What have we done thus far?

Vocal Enigma has hosted 3 charity fundraising shows in India titled "Humanitas". The funds were raised for internally displaced persons in Sri Lanka (2009), Orphan and physically challenged children (2010) and the earth quake victims of Sikkim (2011). Vocal Enigma Sri Lanka hosted our first fund raising show - "From a distance" in September 2012 in aid of cancer patients. "The Playlist" 2013 raised aid for orphan and physically challenged children in Sri Lanka. Kennel rock 2013 too helped raise aid for AWPA Sri Lanka.

The biggest achievement to the choir's credit came in 2010, when the choir shared first place with 10 times winner - Christ University choir, at the coveted BASEL MISSION choir competition Bangalore. Vocal Enigma made history being the first choir to win the competition in their first entry, in the competition's 35 year old history.

Apart from hosting our own shows the choir has also worked on projects with professionals of the likes of Jith Pieris, Roshini Stanley, Sherin Jacob and Bridget Halpe . The choir has also performed at the President's House, Ordination Ceremonies, TV and Radio Programs and Flash Mobs at Hotels.

What can you expect to hear from us?

Vocal Enigma is unrestricted with the music we perform. Our performances are inspired from generes of Gospel to contemporary to the 60's and 70's and all the way to Broadway. This approach gives the choir a versatile twist and will entertain audiences to come back for more. Vocal Enigma showed their diversity in terms of the music they produced in their first show "From a distance" which featured the works of Vivaldi, Grease, Sister act, Green day, The Lion king, Abba and LMFAO.

At "The Playlist" the choir stepped up and took risks in performing all contemporary music of the likes of Adele, Rhianna, Cold play, Adam Lambert, Daughtry, Mika, Justin Timberlake and Leonna Lewis, with an added choral twist which to catered to the musical taste buds of all generations.

What's in store for the future?

Driven with passion brought together in a common love for music, Vocal Enigma stands as a beacon of how music transcends all barriers for a greater good. We seek to inspire and to be inspired. Our goal is to make a difference, even if it means to put a smile on a child's face. The potential is breathtaking, the possibilities are endless and the journey has just begun!

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