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Maneesh Dasanayake Maneesh Dasanayake Director Vocal Enigma Maneesh Dasanayake Vocal Enigma Director Maneesh Dasanayake VE Director

Maneesh Dasanayake - Director of Vocal Enigma

A past pupil of St Peter’s College Colombo 4, Maneesh Dasanayake took up interest in music from a very young age and took part in his first concert at the tender age of 3. His passion for the arts grew since then and he has completed graded examinations conducted by the Trinity Guildhall School of music in Piano Forte under the guidance of Mrs. Joy Ferdinando and Mrs. Shyama Perera. He has won gold medals and all island championships in Piano, Vocals and band categories hosted by the British federation of festivals Sri Lanka and was also a member and accompanist of the St Peter’s College choir during his schooling days under the direction of Mrs Priyanthi Seneviratne VanDort.

Maneesh travelled to India on a full scholarship to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Chemistry and Botany at St Joseph’s College Bangalore India and during his stay at the College he was responsible for guiding the College acoustic team and the College western gospel team to win all competitions they took part in and was also appointed as the student director, conductor and accompanist of the College choir during his first year in College.

It was a dream come true when Maneesh with the support and guidance of then Principal of the College Rev.Fr. (Dr) Ambrose Pinto formed “Vocal Enigma” on 16th November 2010. Within a short span of a month Vocal Enigma became Bangalore’s leading choral group by winning the city’s most prestigious choir competition “Basel Mission”. He was also the founder of the Performing Arts Society of St Joseph’s College Bangalore which at present consists of 270 members.

During his stay in India Maneesh organized and hosted 3 fund raising shows for charity titled “Humanitas 2009/10/11” which featured 12 of Bangalore’s best Choral outfits, who united under one banner for a worthy cause. Through Vocal Enigma he has raised many fund raising projects which supported IDP’s in Sri Lanka, Orphan and physically challenged children of Mother Theresa and earth quake victims of Sikkim.

On Completing his BSc degree in India Maneesh returned to Sri Lanka and brought together friends he had worked with in various choral groups to form Vocal Enigma Sri Lanka. Under the guidance of Maneesh Vocal Enigma Sri Lanka hosted their debut show “From a distance” (September 2012) “Kennel rock” (October 2013), “The playlist (November 2013) and have been a part of around 30 shows in the span of 3 years.

EDITORS NOTE: Maneesh is fondly known as; Monster, The Evil Dictator and Sugar daddy in the VE family circle and is known to throw random tantrums at any given moment which he apologizes for later on.